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Lar España Real Estate SOCIMI, S.A, (hereinafter Lar España) is a SOCIMI (Listed Real Estate Investment Company) that has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange since 5 March 2014.

It was founded at an ideal juncture in the Spanish property cycle when real estate prices had just bottomed out at record lows and the real estate market was entering a new cycle. Lar España also ushered in a change of trend for the Stock Market, as it was not only the first Spanish SOCIMI to be floated, but it was also the very first listing to take place following a three-year dearth, and the first listing of a real estate company in seven years.

Lar España is exclusively managed by Grupo Lar, a real estate company whose extensive experience in the sector is of particular note. It boasts a large team of professionals that actively manage and work to diversify the portfolio in order to maximise its operational efficiency, as well as each asset’s yield.

The company’s business activity focuses on investment in real estate assets throughout Spain, mainly in the retail sector.

The objective set out for the company when it was first created was to invest in the Spanish real estate market under a long-term asset management plan. A plan, aimed at generating high returns for its shareholders, via the payment of considerable annual dividends, and creating value by increasing the company’s EPRA NAV.

Player Type
Last Quotation
Gross Asset Value
Gross rents
Net earnings
Main Listed Market
Mercado Continuo de Madrid
Number of Shares Issued
Free Float
2.0 %
Number of assets
Legal Domicile
Jose Luís del Valle Doblado

Jose Luís del Valle Doblado

Chairman of the Board and Independent Director

Jon Armenia

Jon Armenia

Corporate Director

Susana Guerrero

Susana Guerrero

Legal Manager and Vice-secretary to the Board of Directors

Hernán San Pedro

Hernán San Pedro

Company’s Head of International Relations


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