Kronos Homes aims to lead the residential market in quality and design

Kronos Homes aims to lead the residential market in quality and design

According to Saïd Hejal and Bertrand Perrodo, founding members of the new brand, “we want to offer residential development in the different market segments which are singular and sophisticated, always with a high quality in each category, an architectural design linked to trends and the best personalisation options”. To complete its projects, the company works with the top names in architecture such as Rafael de la Hoz and Joaquín Torres.

Until now, Kronos Homes has 6 developments in the commercialisation stages in Madrid, Cataluña, Costa del Sol and Alicante, with a total of 750 homes for sale. In the portfolio are more than 3,000 homes, according to an announcement by their partner Kronos Investment Grupo, including the developer Manuel Holgado.

During 2017, the company foresees the initiation of preparations for the sale of six new developments. Together, Kronos Homes estimates that they will end 2017 with an investment of 1,000 million euros, plus 4,000 homes in portfolio with an estimated sales potential of 1,250 million euros. "Our objective is to achieve 1,000 million in investment throughout the year and to double this amount in the next three years", Manuel Holgado explains.

Kronos Homes is situated in the medium and medium to high segments of the residential market. “We have homes from 150,000 euros up to millions, but the average lies between 250,000 and 400,000 euros”, Magda Labied explains.

Kronos Homes counts on the financial support of a pull of international investors, mainly from Europe (mostly from Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland and France) and the United States. Additionally, it counts on financing from the main Spanish banks. They do not rule out the entry of new investors in future projects but they do exclude sales to international funds. “We are long term investors”, stated Ignacio Ocejo, partner in the firm. Neither do they intend to buy any company, portfolio or platform, or to leave the Stock Market, according to Ocejo.

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