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Meliá Hotels International is unique among the 20 largest international hotel groups in having an origin in leisure and the ideal size to combine exceptional hospitality with management that is efficient and close to its stakeholders. All of this, along with our Spanish warmth and passion, makes us distinct and different.

"Leisure at heart, business in mind"

Our corporate slogan conveys our perfect harmony between heart and mind, between the exceptional hospitality we offer and the excellence and rigour of our management.

The four core attributes that make us stand out are:

  • Warmth and conviviality

    Our treatment is warm and personal. We mix fun with professionalism, and we balance naturalness with formality. Our Mediterranean hospitality and being guest-centred set us apart.

  • Caring and nurturing

    Our scale allows us to maintain personal relationships with our partners, employees, and interest groups: they are part of our family. Likewise, we devote constant care and attention to the management of our assets, and as a responsible Company we are committed to society and the environment.

  • Little extras

    Thanks to our hotelier heritage, we are capable of competing with larger businesses by offering personal touches and extras in all our relationships. We establish deep and lasting connections.

  • Innovation

    We are always improving. We reinvent ourselves and constantly seek new ways of delighting our customers.

These core attributes come to life through our five corporate values, which can be seen in the behaviour we promote in our employees:

  • Proximity, experienced through the warmth of our behaviour
  • Excellence and coherence, which we make sure match the high standards of our professional behaviour
  • Our service vocation, arising from our hospitable nature
  • And innovation, which guides our behaviour and creative work
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Gabriel Escarrer Juliá

Gabriel Escarrer Juliá

Founder & Non Executive Chairman

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume

Executive Vicechairman & CEO

André P. Gerondeau

André P. Gerondeau

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Hoddinott

Mark Hoddinott

Chief Real Estate Officer

Juan Ignacio Pardo

Juan Ignacio Pardo

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Pilar Dols

Pilar Dols

Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel Cánaves

Gabriel Cánaves

Chief Human Resources Officer


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