Last updated: April 4, 2023, 10:18 a.m.

The Indotek Group

entered the Hungarian real estate market more than two decades ago, and since then it has become one of Hungary’s major investment managers.

Assets under management are principally invested in real estate and non-performing corporate loans secured by real estate. Indotek is active across all classes, and it is market leader in the class B and C segments.

The cornerstones of our business strategy are practicality, calculated risk-taking, an in-depth understanding and the flexible management of the market and client needs, and an ambition to create value. We consistently strive to develop optimal solutions in all of our activities from property refurbishment to sales and leasing.

We are constantly seeking market opportunities and we are particularly focused on ensuring that our investments are highly profitable; with this in mind we continue with our expansion plans across Europe.

Diversified portfolio: Our ever-increasing portfolio comprises more than 1.7 million square metres of buildable and leasable area, and we operate more than 30 office buildings and some 100 warehouses, industrial halls and logistics parks.

In the mid-2010s Indotek also entered the commercial real estate market, and we now operate more than 20 shopping centres in Budapest and the countryside. The properties operated by Indotek accommodate over 3,500 tenants.

The Group is predominantly active in Hungary but we are also seeking investment opportunities in the Central, Eastern and Southern European markets. We are currently present in or exploring the possibility of entering 14 countries.

We actively seek to invest in properties that, following refurbishment and/or remodelling, deliver enduring value for the environment.

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