RICS focuses on managing "post-Covid" uncertainty

RICS focuses on managing "post-Covid" uncertainty

The man who says it is José Covas recently nominated RICS’s Chairman for Portugal, who noted that «RICS recommends some pondering and restraint on daily activities», especially in terms of contracting, assessing and trading, amongst others«We need to be very transparent at this stage, it is better to stop and take a breath than to embark on situations which are not the most correct», he alerted.

While speaking during the segment Conversas Diárias – Especial Covid-19 (Daily Talks – Special Covid-19), José Covas remarked that, during this «complicated stage», assessors in particular «have a very ungrateful job, in which we are unable to anticipate what will happen, but we must reflect the state of the market». He believes that «RICS can help immensely with the regulation. We must protect ourselves with information and be transparent with our clients», he added.

And even before Covid-19, training was already one of RICS priorities for the Portuguese market, «not just for its members, but for all players».

One other bet is the implementation of new rules for the market: «there was great progress in terms of legislation, but there is still much that needs to be done to professionalise the market even more». He is also sure that «we grew a lot during the last decade and we have become a reference».

«We want to make RICS grow in Portugal»

One of RICS’ great goals right now is to increase its presence in Portugal, «both through its own initiatives and together with universities and other institutions», said José Covas.

«We want to grow in other areas besides assessment (which represents around 70% of the members), such as construction, brokerage, project management, urban planning, architecture and others», guaranteed the Chairman.

«RICS’ great advantage is the fact that it has created an international standard», he considered, highlighting that «with the opening to the international market, it is very important for RICS to invest in that area within the next 2 to 3 years, increasing the membership», and he further guaranteed that «there is much to be done in Portugal».

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