Real estate "will be one of the lifelines for economic recovery"

Real estate "will be one of the lifelines for economic recovery"

In order for this to become a reality, according to ASPRIMA y APCE’s president, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado, «the Government must speed licensing processes and guarantee legal security as basic mechanisms to allow for our sector to become one of the engines of the Spanish economy once again».

For the ASPRIMA y APCE’s president, «we are facing a triple crisis, sanitary, economic and confidence. The first is beyond our ability to act, and as such we must focus on the last two both emotionally and rationally, since we are going through a confidence crisis which is very intense in the way it expresses itself, but short in terms of duration». Hence, the main goal the sector needs to achieve is to «recover the confidence of our private and corporate clients».

Altamira AM’s Real Estate marketing director, Marcos Beltrán, pointed out that it is still too early to identify the major changes caused by COVID-19, «we have to be aware that the way we relate with the clients will change significantly. We will see new ways of relating, both amongst ourselves and with our clients».

According to Marcos Beltrán, technology will be an essential ally during this recovery process. «Housing online sales will greatly benefit with this crisis», he pointed out.

For Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona’s CEO, Anna Gener, «the future recovery pace will depend on how we are proceeding right now, which is a key moment to recover normality within the economic activity».

According to Gener, once the crisis is overcome, the sector should re-assume its main motto «to produce a rental housing stock at competitive prices, because this is where the main opportunities for international investment will be found within our country. We only need a legal framework which will provide more security for operators to invest».

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