Quântico invested €240M on the new Antas Atrium in Porto

Quântico invested €240M on the new Antas Atrium in Porto

This project will be developed on a 30.000 sqm terrain, for a total 177.000 sqm gross construction area, 122.000 sqm of which above the ground. «We want to transform a project which is big into a big project», stated Carlos Vasconcellos, during the presentation of Antas Atrium housing project, in Porto.  

As explained by Quântico’s CEO, Carlos Vasconcellos, during the Semana da Reabilitação Urbana do Porto (Porto’s Urban Renewal Week), the project will have 6 lots, for a total of more than 1.000 apartments and 15.500 sqm green area.

Carlos Vasconcellos explained that «one of the main issues was reflecting on sustainability and today’s «green» and as a consequence we have this enormous green area, and also a set of unusual amenities such as laundry, offices, large balconies, gym, indoor swimming pool, ecological vegetable garden, guaranteeing from stage one (which will comprise 180 apartments), that each unit will be autonomous within its condominium, in order to guarantee these amenities don’t have to wait for the last stage to be concluded».

The lots will be developed in stages. Stage one, «will begin during the first quarter of 2021. Our construction companies’ bidding analysis and partnership discussion stage is very advanced», said Carlos Vasconcelos.

In Lisbon RE Investment Talks, Cristóbal de Castro, Managing Director at Albatross Capital, assumed that for this project «we are analysing this option [place the residential units for rental] and we are considering it heavily». The problem «in Portugal is that sometimes it is hard to find alternative speakers», but he recognizes that «this is a strategy that can work very well».

«Affordable luxury»

That is how Carlos Vasconcellos describes the concept which will be launched with this project, which will feature affordable housing. «We are aware that there is an enormous lack of affordable housing for Portuguese families».

He explained that this project will be priced at an estimated 3.500 euro per sqm, thanks to «apartments which are more compact than usual. Corridors and lost areas correspond to sqm and we were able to design a typical 120 sqm apartment on 100 sqm areas with the same functionalities. This will allow a ticket 10% to 20% cheaper».

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