Excem RE and Pininfarina analyse “new normal” for high-end residences

Excem RE and Pininfarina analyse “new normal” for high-end residences

Renowned experts from the real estate industry have delved into the “new normal” for high-end residences developments, put into common questions and solutions to the emerging needs of premium customers, and reflected on the redefinition of the term “wellness” at the time of COVID-19 paradigm shift.

At the webinar, moderated by Andrés Sánchez Lozano, co-founder and CEO of Excem Real Estate, participated Vojsilav Popović and Katarina Stanišić, Regional Director and Head of Design of Lindner respectively; Giovanni de Niederhausern, Senior Vice President, Architecture Pininfarina and Antonio Pan de Soraluce, Managing Director of Colliers International.

The global health crisis has created new standards in the Real Estate premium sector, shifting from the smart home automatization concept to human-centred technology based on health and well-being.

As we spend upward of 90 percent of our time indoors, our buildings can have a profound impact on our daily lives. COVID-19 pandemic may be the stressor that pushes innovative healthy and safety solutions to address the “new normal”.

Smart homes should be moved from offering mere automatization to a higher-level by promoting resident’s mental health wellbeing and comfort.  Wellness is here to stay - it is a movement, not a trend, that pervades all aspects of our working, ‘life-ing’, and playing. Architectural design is far more than mere combinations of trend-driven aesthetic elements. The role of the designer or architect is to craft the human experience through space making, communicating ideas and emotions via the physical space, according to Pininfarina Architecture vision.

COVID-19 lockdown has changed our perception of residential spaces as we have been living long periods indoors. Houses offering outdoor spaces, such as gardens and terraces, are highly demanded and increased their market value. During the lockdown we have started doing a lot of functions which were reserved to other spaces, such as working, practising sports, connecting remotely with family and friends. Future houses demand complex spaces which can change within a matter of minutes from a place to work to a gym or a place to meet friends. 

This “new normal” is affecting the way we perceive indoors, as remote working pattern demands a reconfiguration of living spaces in regards of lightning, ergonomics, air quality, etc. Remote working is here to stay and will more than ever become an integral part of the way we live, as per EY report “Why remote working will be the new normal, even after COVID-19” conclusions. This remote working as the “new normal” creates new scenarios where destinations such as the Costa del Sol in Spain go from seasonal to permanent.

Spain has room to increase its foreign-born living population on a post-pandemic scenario from actual 13,9% of the total population (Eurostat, May 2020) if we understand what people are demanding. Opportunities will arise at high-end residences developments in places such as Costa del Sol as per unique weather and way of life. For this to be achieved, developers should put wellness at the centre of its strategy.

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