Annual increase of 0.9% in the price of a completed house in Spain in January

Annual increase of 0.9% in the price of a completed house in Spain in January

“The Balearics and Canaries” had a change in value of 2.9% compared to last year, and the  “Capitals and large cities”, with a growth of 2.7%, are the zones with the highest degree of change. Accumulated adjustments since the 2007 maximums show a reduction of 40.4%.

The most significant decrease in January was in the “Metropolitan Areas”, with a depreciation since last year of 2.9%. Also with negative values continuing for the second successive month was the “Mediterranean Coast”, with a 1% fall.

As well as the islands and large capitals, the growth in smaller localities, grouped together as the “ Remaining Municipalities”, can be highlighted, as prices increased 0.8% in the first month of 2017 compared to the same month the previous year.

The average price in Spain registered a fall of 40.4%, from the 2007 maximum. The “Mediterranean Coast” recorded the biggest fall (-48.6%), followed increasingly closely by  “Metropolitan Areas” (-45.1%) and a little further by “Capitals and Large Cities” (-42.61%).  Zones with the smallest changes since the 2007 maximums are the “Balearics and Canaries” (-27.1%), and the “Remaining Municipalities” group (-36.8%).

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