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Our business

ORPEA is a leading European operator in dependency care.

We specialise in various types of long- and short-term physical and mental dependency, including:
•    Diminished autonomy due to age;
•    Rehabilitation and post-acute care;
•    Mental health disorders.

In Europe, we provide a full, uniform range of care facilities and services for people with diminished autonomy through a network of specialised facilities:
•    Retirement homes, mostly nursing homes but also assisted living facilities;
•    Post-acute care and rehabilitation facilities;
•    Psychiatric care facilities;
•    Home care services.

All our facilities throughout Europe strive to:

•    Care for residents and patients in a warm, friendly environment suited to their needs and their state of health;

•    Provide a high level of comfort and safety;

•    Provide personalised care plans and support residents and patients in activities of daily living;

•    Encourage their personal fulfilment and well-being throughout their stay through suitable social, cultural and therapeutic activities;

•    Help them to get back to normal life on a long-term basis.

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