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Acquisition and promotion of urban real estate for lease.

PERSEPOLIS INVESTMENTS 1 SOCIMI, SA (hereinafter "the Company") is a Spanish company with C.I.F. A-87111332, established for an indefinite period on October 3, 2014. Its registered office is at calle Sagasta, 12, 6º Madrid. The Company is subject to the special regime of Listed Public Investment Companies in the Real Estate Market ("SOCIMI"), regulated by Law 11/2009, of October 26.

It is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 32609, Folio 145, Sheet number M 586944, entry 1 The main activity carried out by the Company consists in the acquisition and promotion of urban real estate for lease.

The purpose of the Society will be:

• Acquisition and promotion of urban real estate for lease.

• The holding of shares in the capital of other listed companies of investment in the real estate market ("SOCIMIs") or in that of other entities not resident in Spanish territory that have the same corporate purpose as those that are subject to a regime similar to that established for the SOCIMIs regarding the mandatory policy, legal or statutory, of distribution of benefits.

• The holding of shares in the capital of other entities, resident or not in Spanish territory, whose main corporate purpose is the acquisition of immovable property of an urban nature for lease and that are subject to the same regime established for the SOCIMI with regards to the mandatory policy, legal or statutory, of distribution of benefits and meet the investment requirements referred to in article 3 of Law 11/2009, of October 26, listed public limited companies investment in the real estate market
(the "SOCIMIs Law").

• The holding of shares or participations of Real Estate Collective Investment Institutions regulated in Law 35/2003 of November 4 of Investments of Collective Institution.

The development of other accessory activities to those referred to above, understood as those whose income represents, as a whole, less than 20% of the total income of the Company in each tax period or those that may be considered ancillary in accordance with the applicable law in every moment.

Said activities may be developed by the Company, totally or partially, indirectly, through the ownership of shares or interests in companies with identical or similar purposes.

All those activities for which the Law requires special requirements that are not fulfilled by this company are excluded. If the Law requires for the exercise of the activities included in the corporate purpose any professional title, these must be done by means of a person holding the required degree.

Those activities that by legal requirement require administrative authorization, license or registration in a special registry, may not be carried out without prior compliance with these requirements.

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