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Almagro Capital SOMICI, S.A. is the first real estate investment vehicle focus on the residential market of elderly people, with the aim of becoming a landmark in its niche.

The activity of Almagro Capital focuses on the acquisition of residential housing of elderly people and the subsequent formalization of a long-term lease contract, providing an alternative in order to monetise their houses and to continue living in them. Almagro seeks to answer a growing social need by offering an attractive solution to both sellers and investors.

The major investment focus of the company is the acquisition of houses in the prime area of the main Spanish capitals, maintaining a balance of investment portfolio of 60%-70% in prime areas of Madrid, 20% of the portfolio in prime areas of the main capitals and the remaining 10%-20% to be invested in areas of high revaluation potential.

Almagro Capital aims to become a reference in the elderly market and it’s postulated as the best alternative for monetization of their house.

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Felipe de los Ríos

Felipe de los Ríos

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Luis de Ulíbarri

Juan Romaní

Juan Romaní


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