"It is necessary to change our legislator chip"

"It is necessary to change our legislator chip"
Carolina Roca, vice-president of ASPRIMA

This morning, at the Real Estate Conference at SIMAPRO, after a coffee break, Ernst & Young presented its study Housing Policies and their long-term impact, led by Juan Carpizo, Juan Machuca and Ignacio Sáenz de Santamaría.

Sáenz de Santamaría, partner in real estate and construction law at Ernst & Young, commented, at the beginning of his presentation, that "at Ernst & Young we propose that not only increase the housing stock, but also that this measure be accompanied by an improvement or tax incentives. Tax incentives for the promoter for the construction of social housing, energy efficient housing or housing dedicated to Build To Rent. But also tax incentives for the young saver who wants to acquire their main home. In this case, if we Going back to previous years, until 2013 we had the deduction for investment in habitual residence, or the deduction for housing savings account, which allowed us to put an amount each month and that provided us with a deduction that, in many cases and taking into account the level of income, it was very significant. But now all those measures have disappeared".

Next, after the presentation of the Ernst & Young study, it was the turn of Carolina Roca, vice-president of ASPRIMA, with her presentation Presentation of measures to unblock the land reserve in Spain. In his opinion, "we are very focused on energy efficiency, very focused on achieving the long-awaited sustainability of the sector. What happens is that a large part of these efforts that we make do not come to fruition because we start from a vice of origin. And we do not It is a hidden vice, because we are all capable of seeing it and confirming it.This vice is urban planning, which makes the generation of our raw material, which is the soil, a real obstacle course to achieve that long-awaited goal of sustainability".

For Carolina Roca, the Land Law of 1956, and all land laws, both state and regional, are clearly interventionist and move away from possibility. In this way, and from a legislative point of view, "there is a crusade against speculation, to such an extent that planning has become an end in itself." Worst of all, in the opinion of the vice-president of ASPRIMA, is that "the needs of the citizens are not attended to, but in the end it seems that planning attends to the needs of the administration instead of exercising control over the administration ".

As a first premise, Roca proposed a necessary "change of chip of our legislator, so that the laws and urban planning regulations stop being so interventionist, and become more liberal, so as not to hinder and make the production of a basic necessity good more expensive. How is the house?

Next, the vice-president of ASPRIMA proceeded to enumerate the measures for the unblocking of the land reserve in Spain that she proposes to organize:

  1. Balance between benefits and burdens.
  2. Flexibility of changes of use due to the opportunity cost of unbuilt lots,
  3. Legal security.
  4. Legislative pragmatism.
  5. Public-private collaboration in urban management and processing.
  6. Production of affordable housing.
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