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Why choose Brickbro?

The real estate sector is outdated. The process of buying or selling a property today is slow and tiring. In Brickbro, we break with this traditional model and we offer the most innovative options, quick and easy to sell or buy your home.

Brickbro born in 2018 to reinvent the business assets of the real estate market. In our beginnings we boarded a very specific niche market that were the premises. Due to the digitization of retail, many stores have disappeared or operate through online channels leaving many physical stores obsolete. In our beginnings, we are dedicated to capture the largest number of properties of this type and rehabilitábamos reform in order to revalue the property. Today, Brickbro transacting with all kinds of commercial product (local, offices, warehouses, logistics centers, etc.) to offer a wider range of product to our customer. Our vision is to make the housing market affordable for everyone. Our goal is to connect citizens with possibilities.

We are a young, international and dynamic team, covering all major areas required: Investment, Operations, Marketing and Technology. We have great ambition pushes us to the solution to a problem in our society latent reality. Our team has an experience of over 25 years in real estate so we can offer our customers the most innovative solutions and meet your needs.

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