Last updated: March 30, 2023, 8:52 p.m.

Vía Célere is a company that leads real estate development, investment and asset management projects and is one of the most solvent and actively expanding independent Spanish real estate groups. Since 2019, following the integration of Aelca's assets, it is one of the largest Spanish residential developer by asset valuation.  

Vía Célere is leading the new era of residential development, driven by the added value of having a multidisciplinary team and the guarantee of its track record: near 9,000 homes delivered, of which almost 7,000 were completed in the last four years and of these, 1.781 in 2022. It is also an innovative company, committed to its stakeholders and to the professional development of its employees. 

Vía Célere currently has more than 5,300 homes under construction and a portfolio of 4,287 homes for sale. To this must be added the Build to Rent portfolio of 2,425 units under construction in 5 provinces. 


Player Type
Qualified Investors
Main Listed Market
Free Float
Number of assets
Legal Domicile
José Ignacio Morales Plaza

José Ignacio Morales Plaza


Miguel Ángel González

Miguel Ángel González

Business Director

Julio García Soriano

Julio García Soriano

General Services Director

Jaime Churruca

Jaime Churruca

General Finance Director

Aurelio Díez

Aurelio Díez

General Land Director


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